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  • Take your Open water course and dive the Liberty Wreck

    We dive twice a day on the Liberty wreck, so you have the chance to discover this magnificent wreck during your dive course, Dicover Scuba Diving, Open water course, and Advanced.

  • Liberty Wreck (120m, 1942, 5-28 meters deep)

    Dive this mythical wreck, one of the most well know of South Est Asia. Accessible to divers of all levels, warm waters of 27-29 C and is accessible from the beach.

  • Tulamben Macro Dive : Harlequin Shrimp

    The North-Est of Bali the waters are calm and warm, it is paradise for photographers and Macro lovers.


  • Night diving on the wreck of the Liberty - Tulamben

    Take your Advanced Course and do your 1st night dive. Observe: Giant parrot fish that sleep in the hold, hunting groupers and red carpe.

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Our Accomodation at Tulamben

Accomodation for all budgets, find what will tickle your fancy amonst these hotels within close range to our dive center of Tulamben.

Dive Concepts Tulamben Resort

Budget accomodation, simple bungalows, without hot water, with fan and with Wifi.

We have the pleasure of managing 10 bungalows at our Tulamben dive center. This gives you the opportunity to stay with us for a few days instead of coming for a day trip from the south.

This way you will avoid long daily road trips for only a couple of dives. It is also easy to join one of our groups to dive on the USAT Liberty wreck during the day, but also during the night, as this site is located only 2 minutes from our hotel. You will also be able to discover our other 15 sites located in the area of Tulamben and Ahmed where we dive regularly.

  • Dormitory     50,000 Rp ~ 4€* 
  • Basic Room (cold water, with fan)             125,000 Rp ~ 9€* 
  • Basic Room Plus (cold water, with fan)     175,000 Rp ~ 12€* 

Advantages : you will be on site, there is a young and relaxed atmosphere to the place, barbecue and film nights are organised twice a week. You will be able to chat about diving and travelling with our guides and instructors around a nice meal.

Ideal if you are looking after your pennies and want to make friends with fellow divers and travellers alike.

Local Hotels

Superior rooms, hot water, air conditioning, and wifi.

Reassurance knowing you are staying close to the dive center. We work with many local hotels, at only a couple of hundred meters from the center. Located in Tulamben, you can easily go back to your hotel whenever you want, or hang out with us at the center, as you wish.

Superior rooms (hot water and A/C) 300,000 Rp ~ 20€* 

Luxury Homestay

Luxury tropical accomodation, swimming pool, hot water, air conditioning, and wifi.

The villa style homestay is located in Tulamben village, at only 10 minutes walk from our dive center. It's been 2 years since our friends and parteners in Tulamben have opened this homestay, a magnificent villa room / hotel type luxury room.

The property is decorated Balinese style with white stone, statues and tropical style roof in every room. The whole thing surrounded by a luxurious garden and green stone swimming pool.

The hotel also organises evening meals, but also home massages. Price per night, with breakfast included.

Room (Hot water , Air conditionning, Swimming Pool)      600,000 Rp ~ 39€*  

Ideal if you wish to be in a calm enviromment, alone or in a couple, living in a luxurious  property welcoming you as family..


Tulamben  special offer for certified divers

7 dives1,700,000 Rp ~ 110€*  

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Video diving from Tulamben

Barbiganti Pygmy sea horses on a violet sea fan not far from the Liberty wreck on one of our secret sites. This sea horses are very small and mesure less than 2 centimeters.

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Dive the Liberty wreck in Tulamben

Day trip - 3 dives

1,190,000 Rp ~ 77€* 
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