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  • Manta rays during Discover Scuba Diving or Open Water course.

    Dive Concepts Lembongan organises diving days out every day with the Manta rays of Manta Bay (2-5 meters wide)

  • Dive with the Mola Mola of Nusa Penida

    From July to November, the Mola Mola (2-3 m) are present on the sites of Crystal Bay, Buyuk, PED and Blue Corner.

  • 95% chance of seeing Manta rays on a dive

    The chances of seeing the Manta rays of Nusa Penida are excellent and it is rare to not see them. Last year, the record was of 22 Manta rays on one dive.

  • Nusa Lembongan is only 25 minutes by boat from Sanur !

    The island of Lembongan is very relaxing and very easy to access from the South of Bali. We organize the transfer from your hotel in Bali.

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Dive sites Nusa Lembongan and Penida

Manta Bay

Manta Bay should in fact be called Manta Bays, because the site is a succession of bays surrounded by abrupt cliffs. Certain people would call the bay at the far east, Secret Manta. The bay is shallow, and the Manta are generally visible from the surface, which determines our entry point into the... Read more...

Photos Manta Bay

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is one of the most famous sites of Bali. It is one of the only sites in the world where you can see the giant sun fish (Mola Mola) from July to October. The water is crystal clear, hence the name of the site. In the middle of the bay a small rocky island emerges from the waters where a temple has been built. The est part of the bay is home to a beautiful little dessert... Read more...

Photos Crystal Bay

Pura PED

This site is part of the hill that borders all of the North of Nusa Penida from East to... Read more...

Photos Pura PED


Drift dive lovers, this site is for you. Staying in between 7 and 15 meters you will fly over the coral rocks of Mangrove. This site is one of the most beautiful dive spots of the marine parc. Mangrove is aussi very well know for... Read more...

Photos Mangrove

Bali Manta Point

Manta Point is located in a little bay closed of by an island. It is the favored cleaning station of the 3 to 5 meters Manta Rays of the region. This cleaning station can be found on a huge 10 meter diameter and 7 meter high rock, around which many fish await these giants of the sea. The cleaning station is located a little out to the west of the bay, close to the center. When there are many divers it is sometimes preferable to move away from... Read more...

Photos Bali Manta Point

Blue Corner

Blue Corner is famous because we can often see big creatures. This site is exclusively reserved to experienced divers because of the strong currents that can be ascending and... Read more...

Photos Blue Corner


This site is at the far East of the slope that follow all of the North of Nusa Penida. Do not forget to look to the north once aboard the boat to admire the mount Agun lost in the... Read more...

Photos Buyuk


This site is a part of a long slope that follows the whole North of Nusa Penida from Est to West. It is located in the middle of the North coast of the... Read more...

Photos Santal

Pura Mas Gading

This site is part of a of a long slope that follows the whole North of Nusa Penida from Est to West. Do not forget to look towards the North once aboard the boat to admire the mount Agung lost in the... Read more...

Photos Pura Mas Gading


This site is in fact a steep hill that you'll fly over with the current. In the shallow waters to the Est of the site, you'll be flying over hilss of... Read more...

Photos Toyapakeh


Everything is her to have a blast in between 4 meters and 10 meters in depth. We will be able to enjoy corals, macro, zigzag in between the floating Pontoons, take photos of each other in front of the Hindu god statues sitting on the sand floor. A joy for all... Read more...

Photos Pontoon


Another fun drift dive! Not even 15 minutes by boat to get to this site, on the North side of Nusa Penida. Let yourself be taken by the current, and enjoy the variety of flora and fauna. Fly over the coral, take your time over the rocks where the life is prosperous. A real joy from 5m to... Read more...

Photos SD

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Video diving from Lembongan

On the way to the Manta Rays of Nusa Penida from our center on Nusa Lembongan!

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