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Leaf scorpion fish

Leaf scorpion fish in Bali

Where to see leaf scorpion fish in Bali?


In Indonesia, it is common to see these leaf scorpion fish. Their colours can be pale green, like on the Liberty wreckand the Tulamben Drop Offor apple greenwith brown marks at Coral Gardenat Tulamben. The purple coloured specimens exist too but are rarer, but these are our favorite, also present on certain sites of Tulamben.


The leaf scorpion fish is a mimic fish, flattened laterally, resembling a dead leaf, and moves with the swell as a leaf would. This effective camouflage strategy  has allowed to evolve, effective to defend itself but also to hunt. It’s pray, small fish, only detect it once it’s too late, inhaled into its expandable mouth. These fish that seem not very mobile, are extremely fast like the frog fish when they attack.

Leaf scorpion fish shed their skin regularly. When this happens, the dead skin detaches itself from the body in one piece, without disintegrating.

Photos Leaf scorpion fish

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