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  • 3 dive centers in Balii : Tulamben – Pemuteran – Lembongan

    Dive Concepts Bali dive from 3 centers: Tulamben: Liberty wreck, Pemuteran: Menjangan Marine Parc, Nusa Lembongan island: Manta rays and Mola Mola.

  • Bali Safaris : International class diving

    Over one or more day, we will take you on a discovery of all the best dive sites of Indonesia. Macro diving, Manta rays, Mola Mola.

  • Safari : 15 dives, 5 x 3 centers from 350 €

    With this safari, you dive on the 3 best sites of Bali at your own pace: Menjangan - Tulamben - Nusa Lembongan.

  • Dive Training: up to profesionnal level

    Pre-book your 2 successive diving courses and receive a 10% discount on both courses. Make the most of our attractive prices!

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Dive Concepts Safaris, Bali

Dive Concepts Dive Safaris ?

We dive daily on the most reputable sites of Bali, which allows us to know the diving conditions of the moment to give you the best chances to fully enjoy your time here. Our guides will do their best to show you : Mola Mola, Manta Ray, turtles, giant parrot fish and reef sharks ; but also for macro lovers : Nudibrachs, frog fish, pygmee seahorses, mandarine fish...

Our Safari packages allow you to dive the 3 most sought after areas in Bali : The USAT Liberty wreck from our Tulamben dive center, The Marine Parc of Menjangan from our Pemutaren dive center and also Manta Bay and Crytal Bay for the Manta Rays and Mola Mola from our Nusa Lembongan dive center.

Start planning your Bali Safari dives here.

Tulamben dives : Tulamben in the North-East of Bali is unmissable with the Liberty wreck, Boga wreck, groupers, schools of trevally and parrot fish.The sites surronding Tulamben, like Secret Serraya arouse the insterest of experienced photographers for the richeness of macro life, frog fish, arlequin shrimps, ghost pipefish, but also Barbiganti and Denise pygmee seahorses. All the dive sites of Tulamben are favourable for macro diving. Many crustaceans and nunibranch species, particularly at night time, are visable on the Liberty wreck. Pour the ''out in the blue'' lovers, the Tulamben Drop Off descends to over 70 meters.

Photos tulamben

Pemuteran Dives : Come to Pemuteran in the North-West of Bali, visit the Marine Parc of Menjangan, drops and Coral Gardens in perfect health. Admire the diversity of the exceptional coral with many sea fans of all colours sometimes exeeding 2 meters.

You will surely encounter, turtles, schools of trevally and sharks. For macro lovers, seahorses, frog fish, madarine fish and octopus await you on the sites of Secret bay, Puri Jati and from the pier.

Photos pemuteran

Lembongan dives :Nusa Lembongan is an island located 30 minutes by boat from Sanur in the south of Bali. Paradise island, white sand beaches and magnificent vues over the volcanoes of Bali. Lembongan and Penida, is THE place to see Manta Rays and Mola Mola, but also Wobbergong, Bamboo, and Nurse sharks. You may even spot dolphins on the surface but also in the water, if you're lucky ! Here the drift diving is frequent. Litteraly fly over the coral floors in perfect condition with an excellent visiblity.

Photos lembongan

Types of Bali Safari dives

Dive all around Bali in Pemuteran, Tulamben and Nusa Lembongan

  • 15 dives (Min 7 days, 6 nights) : 5 dives in 3 centers 4,950,000 Rp ~ 318€*  (dives only)
  • 21 dives (Min 10 days, 9 nights) : 7 dives in 3 centers 6,500,000 Rp ~ 417€*  (dives only)

Tailored Bali Safari Dives

You can also create your own trip ''a la carte'' by using the quote form and online reservation.

You can choose your departures and arrival points, the number of dives, and number of nights you wish to spend in each of our 3 dive centers : Tulamben, Pemuteran and Nusa Lembongan.

It is also possible for you to choose the type of accomodation you like : dormitory, simple room (fan and cold water), or even the deluxe fomular (swimming pool, hot water, and air conditionning)

This system allows you to create a detailled quotation with your daily plan, the offered benefits along with the detailled price calculations. You have the possibility of sending yourself this quotation by email and pay an installement to confirm your booking.

  • Diving Bali only: Dive at your own pace, total flexibility, ideal if you want the freedom to travel and dive, if you are alone in a couple, or in a small groupe. You choose the number of dives you want to do in each of our centers .
  • Diving Bali + Transport: Half – organised plan, ideal if you wish to book your own hotels close to our dive centers. Get in touch to find out if your hotels are adapted to our diving plans.
  • Diving Bali + Transport + Accomodation: Complete plan,  you only have your evening meals left to pay for, and certain lunches if you are not diving everyday, or for the dives you do from the shore of Tulamben.
  • Diving Bali + Transport + Accomodation + Complete board: Ideal for groupes, or organised trips (only for groupes of 8 or more), perselectionned meals. Remark, drinks are not included (to be pay for on site)

Start planning your Bali Safari dives here.

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Bali Dive Safari

Custom you trip, 15 dives from

4,950,000 Rp ~ 318€* 
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