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  • Take your Open water course and dive the Liberty Wreck

    We dive twice a day on the Liberty wreck, so you have the chance to discover this magnificent wreck during your dive course, Dicover Scuba Diving, Open water course, and Advanced.

  • Liberty Wreck (120m, 1942, 5-28 meters deep)

    Dive this mythical wreck, one of the most well know of South Est Asia. Accessible to divers of all levels, warm waters of 27-29 C and is accessible from the beach.

  • Tulamben Macro Dive : Harlequin Shrimp

    The North-Est of Bali the waters are calm and warm, it is paradise for photographers and Macro lovers.


  • Night diving on the wreck of the Liberty - Tulamben

    Take your Advanced Course and do your 1st night dive. Observe: Giant parrot fish that sleep in the hold, hunting groupers and red carpe.


The main attraction of this site is the perpendicular canyon, you will descend between 2 drops at 6 and 24 meters to arrive on the coral wall parralel to the shore. You will also explore a little cave at approximately 30 meters West of the canyon. Excellent site with a visibility of 10 to 30 meters. Possibility of snorkelling on the site, above the wall and the canyon or the East reef.


Access from the shore about 10 minutes by car from Tulamben. A magnificent alleyway of coconut trees and a little tranquil pebble stone beach will welcome you upon your arrival.


Sharks, Eagle rays, porcelaine crabs, pipe fish, lots of nudibranchs in the pebbles of the wall, schools of humphead parrotfish.


Magnificent hard coral, giant gorgonias of more than 1.5 meters in diameter.


The site descends up to 30 meters with an average depth of 15 meters on the West part, with a possibily of diving on the East side over a coral field more magnificent in between 10 and 15 meters depth.

Kind of diving

Visit the canyon and the cave where the entry is hiden by a curtain of sponges, the most magnificent coral of the region, eagle rays, giant turtles, spared by divers and very well preserved.


Accessible to all, little or no current. Open water level recommended.

Photos Canyon

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Video diving from Tulamben

Serraya secrets, macro dive site very popular with photographers at only a few kilometers from Tulamben, we will take you diving to the bottom with great pleasure!

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Dive the Liberty wreck in Tulamben

Day trip - 3 dives

1,190,000 Rp ~ 77€* 
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