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  • Take your Open water course and dive the Liberty Wreck

    We dive twice a day on the Liberty wreck, so you have the chance to discover this magnificent wreck during your dive course, Dicover Scuba Diving, Open water course, and Advanced.

  • Liberty Wreck (120m, 1942, 5-28 meters deep)

    Dive this mythical wreck, one of the most well know of South Est Asia. Accessible to divers of all levels, warm waters of 27-29 C and is accessible from the beach.

  • Tulamben Macro Dive : Harlequin Shrimp

    The North-Est of Bali the waters are calm and warm, it is paradise for photographers and Macro lovers.


  • Night diving on the wreck of the Liberty - Tulamben

    Take your Advanced Course and do your 1st night dive. Observe: Giant parrot fish that sleep in the hold, hunting groupers and red carpe.

USAT Liberty

Dive on the famous USS Liberty wreck also called USAT Liberty. The site can also been done snorkelling for non divers.

The Liberty is a cargo ship of 120 meters long built in 1918 in New Jersey (USA), requisitionned by the american army during the Secong World War for the transport of merchandise. THis ship was then armed with two canons: a big caliber at the bow and a little caliber at the stern. During it's last voyage, the ship was hit by two torpidos from a japonese submarine on the 11th of June 1942, whilst it was traversing the Lombok straight. The crew then tried to draw it to Singaraja. Taking in too much water, the ship got stranded on the Tulamben beach where it could unload it's cargo. The Liberty stayed on the beach from 1942 to 1963 when the earthquake that provoqued the eruption of the Mount Agung made the wreck slip towards the ocean at only 40 meters from the beach. Since more than 50 years, Bali and the Liberty wreck are know across the world. This wreck is one of the most well known wrecks for diving.


In the middle of the Tulamben bay, all the dive clubs of Bali dive it from the shore, beeing only at 30 meters from the shore. The 120 meters long wreck rests in between 5 and 28 meters in depth.


Life is everywhere on the wreck! You will see humphead parrot fish, schools of trevally, Leaf scorpion fish, pygmee sea horses, giant barracuda, frog fish, groupers, jack fish, angel fish, black tip and white tip sharks. If you are very lucky you may even encounter a whale shark, an eagle ray or even a Mola!


The wreck has been completely colonised by coral during the 50 years that it has spent in the Tulamben waters. During almost 20 years, it was simply stranded on the beach and rusted, the paint freeing itself bit by bit from the steel plates. The marine paint having been made to avoid the formation of life, coral and algae, many wrecks where the paint has remained relatively intact in the world have not been able to be colonised by as much coral, which makes the Liberty wreck unique. We can find multicoloured gorgonias of a couple of meters at a depth of 12 and 14 meters, on the front section of the ship.


The wreck lies in between a depth of 5 and 28 meters, lying on it's right flanc. The bridge finds itself vertically sea side. The bow to the west, the stern to the east where we can still very well see the huge helm. One of the two cannons is still visible under it's turet to the front of the ship at a depth of 28 meters.

Kind of diving

Wreck diving, marine biology, night diving, free diving, orientation, photography, diving initiations.


The site is accessible for all levels. From the initiation on the shallow parts of the wrecks to the Advanced Courses, deep diving and wreck diving specialities.

Photos USAT Liberty

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Video diving from Tulamben

Many dive photographers make the trip every year to Tulamben to discover the unbelievable biodiversity of this area. Here, a very popular arlequin shrimp, visible on the Boga wreck site, Liberty, Coral Garden, but especially Serraya Secrets, the most renowed dive site of the Tulamben area.

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Dive the Liberty wreck in Tulamben

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