• Take your Open water course and dive the Liberty Wreck

    We dive twice a day on the Liberty wreck, so you have the chance to discover this magnificent wreck during your dive course, Dicover Scuba Diving, Open water course, and Advanced.

  • Liberty Wreck (120m, 1942, 5-28 meters deep)

    Dive this mythical wreck, one of the most well know of South Est Asia. Accessible to divers of all levels, warm waters of 27-29 C and is accessible from the beach.

  • Tulamben Macro Dive : Harlequin Shrimp

    The North-Est of Bali the waters are calm and warm, it is paradise for photographers and Macro lovers.

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Tulamben Activities

Where to go have a drink, or for a wonder !

Where to go out in Tulamben

Dive Concepts Tulamben

Barbecue evenings are planned twice a week, joins our team to talk about your travel and diving experiences around a nice cool beer. We also organise documentary film nights, and a un 42 inch screen is also available for you to use in the evenings.

Safety Stop

Fancy a game of pool or a nice hearty meal ? Swing round to the Safety Stop !

The meals are a bit pricey but the portions are huge. The chef is Austrian so we advise you order europeen dishes rather than local dishes.

Chez Wayan

Live music once a week, the band is made of young locals from Tulamben.

Activities around Tulamben

Visit the rice fields

On the road to Tirta Ganga, at approximately 20 minutes by car from Tulamben, you can stole through some of the most beautiful rice fields of Bali. Ideal for a little outing in the afternoon after diving. On a nice day you will be able to catch a glimse of Lombok Island in the distance.

Tirta Ganga

Fabulous water garden scaterred with Balinese sculptures. The basins are full of giant Koi carpes and shelters a lovely fontaine. There is a temple located in the water gardens and traditionnal cermononies are frequent. You can also grab a drink at the Tirta Ayu restaurant dominating the garden. They make excellent ice creams and desserts. Access is approximately 25 minutes by car, time of visit about an hour.

Pura Lempuyang Temple

4 temples are accessible on this mountain that seperates Amlapura and Amed. The path is a steep staircase type access, but the vegetation and the landscape is magnificent. It is common to have a bit of passing fog, but this give a very mystical atmosphere. Access is approximately 20 minutes by car. Time of visite about 3 hours. 

Video diving from Tulamben

  • Come and dive the Liberty wreck with Dive Concepts Tulamben, we dive this site every day at 8am and 4pm so you can make the most of this site. 120 meter long wreck in between a depth of 6 and 28 meters.

  • Boga wreck, at only 10 minutes from our Tulamben dive center. Site depth: 18 to 36 meters, ideal for level 2 divers.

  • Many dive photographers make the trip every year to Tulamben to discover the unbelievable biodiversity of this area. Here, a very popular arlequin shrimp, visible on the Boga wreck site, Liberty, Coral Garden, but especially Serraya Secrets, the most renowed dive site of the Tulamben area.

  • Barbiganti Pygmy sea horses on a violet sea fan not far from the Liberty wreck on one of our secret sites. This sea horses are very small and mesure less than 2 centimeters.

  • Collection of 4 videos on the interior passages of the Liberty wreck, certain of these passages require wreck speciality training, contact us for more information.

    This first passage, light and open on both ends and on the side, doesn't present any particular difficulties. Depth of 13 meters.

  • The deepest passage of the Libert wreck or more specifically under the wreck...20 meters long at 20 meters depth, complete darkness, don't forget your Ariane line and your torches!

  • Inside the stern of the ship, complete darkness, diving torches compulsary, 2 entries at 12 meters under the rudder and at 14 meters on the old bridge. Living here are big groupers and moray eels.

  • Watch this video of the longest passage of the wreck of the most famous wreck in South East Asia. Entry at 14 meters, exit at 8 meters, very dark, down here a torch is a bonus.

  • Coral Garden will surely be your first dive site on an initiation or Open Water Course. In the middle of this calm and sheltered Tulamben bay, this site is also very popular with photographers, for its many Leaf scorpion fish, and ribon eels, leopard moray eels and species nudibranchs, crabes and shrimps.

  • The Tulamben Drop Off of 5 to 70 meters at only 50 meters from the beach is very impressive. The wall is covered in sea fans and coral of all sorts in which numerous species of fish shelter.

  • Ribon eel moving along the Coral Garden site, it is rare to observe these eels in open water, these eels spend most of their time hiding in the sand. The males are black and yellow and the females blue and yellow. By observing the video we understand well why we call them ribbon eels!

  • Serraya secrets, macro dive site very popular with photographers at only a few kilometers from Tulamben, we will take you diving to the bottom with great pleasure!