• Amed - Dive on the wonderful coral reefs of this fishing village

    Coral reefs are in perfect condition here only meters from the shore!
  • Dive the Liberty wreck from Amed

    We come and pick you up from your hotel in Amed, for free.

  • Excursions dives on the Japanese wreck, Jemeluk wall or Pyramids!

    Shore and boat dives trips available every day! for beginner or experienced divers.
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Dive courses Amed Bali

Come and do your diving course in Amed between the Awesome corals and and Reef sharks !

Special Offers, dive the Japanese wreck

Book in advance 2 courses for 1 diver and get a 10% discount on your second course.

For example Open Water Course 3,100,000 Rp ~ 199€*  + Advanced Open Water course  2,900,000 Rp ~ 186€*  in Amed, with 10% off, only 5,700,000 Rp ~ 366€* 

Dive course prices in Amed

Dive courses AmedSSI and PADI courses are available
Discover Scuba Diving Book now
700,000 Rp ~ 45€* 
Open Water Book now
3,100,000 Rp ~ 199€* 
Nitrox Course Book now
950,000 Rp ~ 61€* 
Advanced Open Water Book now
2,900,000 Rp ~ 186€* 
Advanced + Nitrox Book now
3,850,000 Rp ~ 247€* 
Open Water + Advanced Book now
5,700,000 Rp ~ 366€* 
Rescue diver Book now
5,900,000 Rp ~ 379€* 
Dive Master internship Book now
10,000,000 Rp ~ 642€* 

Dive equipment is included in our prices
*Rates are charged in Indonesian Rupiah (Rp). Prices in Euro are indicative.

Boat prices
Extra 2 dives until Bunutan
150,000 Rp ~ 10€* 
Extra 2 dives after Japanese wreck
175,000 Rp ~ 12€* 

Diving courses in Amed

Learning to dive at Amed, is before anything else spending time with our young and dynamic team !

Dive Concepts Amed offers you the opportunity to explore the Japanese wreck, a beautiful coral reef, to swim with sharks and other barracuda and to have the opportunity to enjoy this area of the globe where the diversity of fish species is one of the richest in the world. Some Amed sites allow you to drift gently and enjoy the scenery!

At Dive Concepts Amed, we do not speak of clients, but of student divers who we are comitted to give a real diving level. We will start the course when you want to, whether you are alone or not.

Discover Scuba Diving in Amed

Prices : 700,000 Rp ~ 45€* 

If you have never dived before, and you have half a day in front of you, it's the perfect time to start ! This initiation is made for you ! Please be reassured, the learning curve is progressive. After a short briefing, one of our instructors will take you to Jemeluk Bay. You will perform a few excercises in shallow enough water to stand to aquire the confidence you need, then off you go to explore the site. It is truly a enormous aquarium! After returning to the beach for a short rest and refuel, we will take you to the amazing jemeluk Wall. Maximum depth 12 meters (40 feet).

Open Water Course, Amed

Price : 3,100,000 Rp ~ 199€* 

Have you never dived before, or have you already done some initiations , and you wish to become a certified diver ? This course is made for you. You only need 3 days. A few videos, a little theory, a few swimming pool exercises and 4 dives in the ocean.

Because we dive from the shore, it is very easy to adapt the course organisation to your rythm. We garantee you at least 2 boat dives during your course!

We will give you your permanent card as soon as you finish the course! You will also be certified on the internet, because if one day you forget your card, you need only give your first and last name, and date of birth then the center will be able to find your certification.

Our instructors will reveal all of their secrets to turn you into true divers !

Special Package: Open Water Course + Advanced only = 5,700,000 Rp ~ 366€* 

Advanced Open Water Course, Amed

Price : 2,900,000 Rp ~ 186€* 

Are you already certified Open Water and want to know more? Would you like to see what happens down at 30 meters, what the underwater life looks like at night,  become a buoyancy master, extend your knowledge about marine life? And many others specialities ! This course lasts only 2 days, 5 adventure and exploring dives!

Generally speaking, we divise the course with one day doing 3 dives, and other with the other 2 dives. We will adapt ouselves to your preferences and your organisation. We have 5 daily departure times thoughout the day! After all this is your Holdiday so there will be no boring books to read! Every dive will start with a complete briefing and will be addapted to the type of dive you will be doing.

Rescue Course and Emergency First Response (EFR)

Price : 5,900,000 Rp ~ 379€* 

Are you an Advanced open water diver and wish to improve yourself, to learn more? Are you wondering what would be the procedure if a diver starts to panic, underwater or at the surface? What to do if a diver dissapears? After receiving a life-saver certificate (Respond Right), we will train you so that none of the previous questions remain a mystery for you anymore. This course is 3 to 4 days long.

The first day will be dedicated de the first aid course. This is not only for diving but for everyday life. You will learn to react in a way that save lives! Then you will start the Rescue diver theory. After that you will go to a shallow water site (behind our shop) to learn how to deal with a panicing diver at the surface, then a panicing diver underwater, the techniques of approach, how to bring up an unconsious diver and get them back to the boat or the beach.

You will learn how to organise a search and rescue. Our instructors will invent scenarios to put you in a rescue situation and then show us what you can do! When diving on sites (Jemeluk, Bunutan, Japanese wreck...)they will play struggling divers and divers with equipment problems .

This is a fun and fascinating course, full of surprises and very fulfilling for all levels

Dive Master Course, Amed

Price : 10,000,000 Rp ~ 642€* 

Become a Pro! Start guiding certified divers! Deepen your knowledge in equipement, environnement, dive theory, decompression, instructor assistance and more! Whilst studying the theory, you will also have underwater tests like locating a lost object, mapping a dive site, rescue scenarios, swimming etc...Underwater and out of water you will become indispensable to a dive center.

You will need a minimum of 3 week to aquire the knowledge and skill required to attein this level, from the moment you have the rescue diver level and 40 logged dives. Dive Concepts offers you the possibility to do parts of this course in any one of our 3 centers. This is more than a aquatic experience, it's a life experience.

For more information about the Divemaster Course,

visite our page Go Pro.

Video diving from Amed

  • 4 ghost pipefish on the same feather star! Discover our secret Macro site of Amed: Ghost Bay!

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