• Dive in the Menjangan Marine Park!

    The Menjangan Marine Park is magnificent with its lagoons and vues over the volcanoes of Java. The coral reefs here are in perfect health.

  • Start Sucba Diving with Turtles and Sharks!

    The bottom of the Menjangan marine parc are magnificent and overflow with marine life, schools of trevally, turtles, sharks, and a multitude of reef fish.

  • Secret Bay : The richest Macro site of Bali

    A real paradise for photographers: Frog fish, Ambon scorpion fish, sea horses, along with a multitude of rare shrimps.

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Dive sites Menjangan and Pemuteran

Eels Garden

We start the dive on the West end of the drop of Menjangan. Contemplate Denis pygmee sea horses on a gorgonia at 19 meters, then a frog fish at 21 meters in a filamentous sponge. The wall is magnificent and exposed to currents. It's at the end of the wall that we come across the most oceanic fish and sharks. By continuing after the end of the wall, we arrive on the top of the eel garden. This is lined with magnificent gorgonias of every colour. ... Read more...

POS 2 : Tombant

POS 2 is one of the more popular sites of Menjangan. Start the dive from the beach and descend in a corridor of sand surrounded by underwater cliffs. Then take off to the east to it's end. Swim along the drop, and finish your dive with your safety stop over a Coral Garden. Not to be... Read more...

Secret Bay (Macro)

At only 30 meters from the entry point, sits a wreck of a little wooden local boat of 15 meters. This spot is full of life. You will find here, cardinal fish, shrimps, harlequin pipe fish, crocodile fish. Continue the dive whilst evolving in between artificial reefs, heaps of old iron, and nets which over the years have been completely colonised by coral and fish. With a bit of luck you will spot the mandarin fish hiding in his little reef.... Read more...

Puri Jati (Macro)

Plateau of 200 meter wide bewteen 5 and 7 meters depth, then a slope up to a good 20 meters depth. There's no use going too deep on this site where we find exceptional creatures in 5 meters of water. The site offers an interesting alternative to Secret bay for the passionates of macro from Pemuteran. The macro site or muck dive site is one of the most renowned of Bali. We can find blue ring octopus, devil scorpion fish, hairy frog fish, ambon... Read more...

Mandarin point

Shallow dive, we start the dive at approximately 30 minutes until the sunset, it is necessary to have a guide who knows exactly where the mandarin fish hide and you will have a chance to see... Read more...

Bat Cave


Cave Point

In the middle of the South coast of Menjangan island, Cave Point is a very enjoyable site. No current, great visibility and...the drop is just... Read more...

Video diving from Pemuteran

  • Come and dive in the menjangan marine parc, giant sea fans and Coral Gardens from Dive Concepts Pemuteran. All this in a lansdcape of lagoons and volcanos.

  • Secret bay with the pier of Pemuteran and Puri Jati figures amongst the most reputable macro sites of Bali. Come and observe the sea horses, octopus, nudibranchs along with numerous species of crabes and shrimps.

  • Ambon scorpion fish, at Secret bay during a macro dive, this rare fish cammouflages itself marvelously in his element.