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Mola Mola

Mola Molas of Bali

Also known as sunfish, MolaMola are born in the tropical warm waters. They live in out in open water, in warm waters superior to 12°C and swims to depths of up to 600 meters. It’s body mass is of approximately 1 ton. Nearly as high as it is long, the Mola Mola can measure up to 3,20 meters. Despite its size, the MolaMola is not dangerous, and gets use to being in the presence of divers. The little we about about the MolaMola makes it an ever increasingly mysterious species.

See the Mola Mola around Bali

The surfacing of the Mola Mola

We see Mola Mola all year round around Bali. The Mola Mola spends a big part of its life at a depth inferior to 200 meters, so it’s when it comes back up, in particular from July to end of November that we can see them. When the MolaMola come up, we can sometimes see the angel fish waiting to clean them in between 25 and 50 meters.

Where to see them ?

We can see the MolaMola everywhere in the South-Est of Bali, in the straight of Lombok and especially around the islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. They regroupe on certain sites and with a bit of luck we we can sometimes see 10 on the same dive on the same site thanks to a visibility that can reach up to 40 meters in this sector between July and October. However, it is more likely to see them alone or in groups of two or three. Divers generally see them at depths going from 6 meters to 65 meters.

Note that in this sector, the marine currents are substantial and the dives are often done drifting (we go with the current so as not to get tired). Because of this current, certain sites are only accessible to experienced divers.

Photos Mola Mola