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Ghost Bay (Macro)

This site is exellent for macro in the sand, very little rocks or coral. We look in the sand or in the anemones, or even in the old ropes or other debris that shelters small creatures. We will not forget to hang around the artificial reef at 5-7 meters deep on the sand plateau, where you can find many stone fish, ghost pipefish, lionfish, and Leaf scorpion fish. Swim on the deep plateau and look for the many shrimps in all types of anemones.


Acces from the shore, juste before the small bridge at the entrance of Amed. Opposite the Dive Concepts office in Amed.


Numerous species of ghost pipefish, huge stone fish, mimic octopus, many shrimps, crabes and anemones. Flying gunyard and sea moth.


Black sand and artificial reef, numerous species of anemones full of shrimps.


Between 5 and 25 meters deep, plateau of 150 meters wide parallele to the shore between 4 and 7 meters, then a slope up to 20 meters.

Kind of diving

Macro dive on sand and artificial reef, very little current generally. If the current is strong, the ghost pipefish hide, try and choose your dive time.


Not danger in particular, site for divers of all levels, beginners will be more interested in the reef life, the more experienced and photographers will find joy chasing criters in the volcanic sand og this site.

Video diving from Amed

  • 4 ghost pipefish on the same feather star! Discover our secret Macro site of Amed: Ghost Bay!