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Lipah Bay

This site is located at 10km of Jemeluk and shelters the Japonese wreck of 15 meters long located close to the beach inbetween 3 and 10meters in depth. Shallow enough, it is also and ideal site for free diving. The wreck is nicely incrusted in gorgonias,sponges and black coral. The dive continues on the slope and the point on the left side of the bay. This site is very rich and you will be able to see many reef fish, along with juveniles of all species, shrimps, porcelaine crabes and many scorpion fish.


Access from the shore, at about 15 minutes by car from the East of Amed, in a little sheltered bay. We can easily find the location of the wreck thanks to a round black buoy at approximately 20 meters from the shore, on the West side of the bay.


Reef fish, juveniles, shrimps, porcelaine crabes and many scorpion fish.


Gorgonia fields, sponges and black coral on the slope and on the coral field in extension with the West point of the bay.


Wreck of 3 to 10 meters in depth. The most interesting part of the slope is located in between 15 and 25 meters, also with the coral field of more than 150 meters long by 100 meters wide at only 5 to 10 meters under.

Kind of diving

Initiations, exploration diving, photography, snorkeling.


Divers of all levels, the site is easily accessible, and can be dived shallow. Beware of the possible current when venturing on the point or the coral field.

Video diving from Amed

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