• Dive in the Menjangan Marine Park!

    The Menjangan Marine Park is magnificent with its lagoons and vues over the volcanoes of Java. The coral reefs here are in perfect health.

  • Start Sucba Diving with Turtles and Sharks!

    The bottom of the Menjangan marine parc are magnificent and overflow with marine life, schools of trevally, turtles, sharks, and a multitude of reef fish.

  • Secret Bay : The richest Macro site of Bali

    A real paradise for photographers: Frog fish, Ambon scorpion fish, sea horses, along with a multitude of rare shrimps.

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Puri Jati (Macro)

Plateau of 200 meter wide bewteen 5 and 7 meters depth, then a slope up to a good 20 meters depth. There's no use going too deep on this site where we find exceptional creatures in 5 meters of water. The site offers an interesting alternative to Secret bay for the passionates of macro from Pemuteran. The macro site or muck dive site is one of the most renowned of Bali. We can find blue ring octopus, devil scorpion fish, hairy frog fish, ambon scorpion fish and many other creatures that will make the biodiversity lovers go crazy.

We can easily dive on 2 or 3 different spots on this site, to maximize your chances. A good guide diving regularly on this site and knowing what to look for will greatly improve your experience at Puri Jati.


At approximately 30 minutes by road from Pemuteran, access from the shore. We can easily do 2 different dives because the site stretches over an estimated 1.5 kilometers.


You will see incredible fish such as hairy frog fish, ambon scorpion fish, devil scorpion fish, mimic octopus, blue ring octopus, coconut octopus. Unearth ghost fish, nudibranchs along with a number of shrimp species!


Puri Jati, is mainly sand, with a few soft coral. It is the kingdom of the muck dive. In short, it's mostly just sand.


Plateau of 200 meters wide between 5 and 7 meters depth, then a slope up to a good 20 meters depth. It's no use going too deep on this site when we find exceptional creatures in 5 meters of water.

Kind of diving

Paradise of macro diving, in the top 3 macro sites of Bali.


Interesting for photographers and macro lovers. Black sand bottoms, so beware not to lift particle clouds which will annoy the photographers of the group. Nevertheless there is no danger, and a level 1 diver can accompany a group of more experienced divers, no problem.

Video diving from Pemuteran

  • Come and dive in the menjangan marine parc, giant sea fans and Coral Gardens from Dive Concepts Pemuteran. All this in a lansdcape of lagoons and volcanos.

  • Secret bay with the pier of Pemuteran and Puri Jati figures amongst the most reputable macro sites of Bali. Come and observe the sea horses, octopus, nudibranchs along with numerous species of crabes and shrimps.

  • Ambon scorpion fish, at Secret bay during a macro dive, this rare fish cammouflages itself marvelously in his element.