• Amed - Dive on the wonderful coral reefs of this fishing village

    Coral reefs are in perfect condition here only meters from the shore!
  • Dive the Liberty wreck from Amed

    We come and pick you up from your hotel in Amed, for free.

  • Excursions dives on the Japanese wreck, Jemeluk wall or Pyramids!

    Shore and boat dives trips available every day! for beginner or experienced divers.
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More than 20 years ago locals dropped neutral Ph concrets pyramyds and tires to attracked fish and creatures to creat a new reef. Mission Complished! This dive site have to be done when you come to Amed, starting form on a sandy bottom full of garden eels and blue spotted stingrays you will see the first pyramid as you go a bit deeper. Take your time to look inside those structures, it's a perfect place for moray eel, lionfish, shrimps, Leaf scorpion fish. After a while take a look at this amazing natural reef around 15 meters it's full of colours and you can see turtles if you are lucky.


Accessible from the shore or by boat.


Blue spotted stingrays, garden eels, turtles, tropical fish, reef shark, Leaf scorpion fish.


This artificial reef count around 20 pyramides dropped in the water more than 20 years ago by the local.


Calm drift dive from 5 to 35 meters, really nice Coral Garden on the shalowest part of this artificial area

Kind of diving

smooth drift dive / macro


Accessible to all level

Video diving from Amed

  • 4 ghost pipefish on the same feather star! Discover our secret Macro site of Amed: Ghost Bay!