• 4 dive centers in Bali : Amed – Pemuteran – Lembongan – Tulamben

    Dive Concepts Bali dive from 4 centers: Tulamben: Liberty wreck, Pemuteran: Menjangan Marine Parc, Nusa Lembongan island: Manta rays and Mola Mola

    , Amed: Wonderfull coral reefs.
  • Bali Safaris : International class diving

    Over one or more day, we will take you on a discovery of all the best dive sites of Indonesia. Macro diving, Manta rays, Mola Mola.

  • Safari : 15 dives, 5 x 3 centers from 350 €

    With this safari, you dive on the 3 of the 4 best area of Bali at your own pace: Menjangan - Tulamben - Nusa Lembongan - Amed.

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Bali Divemaster Course

Why to choose Dive Concepts for your Divemaster ?

Dive Concepts is the only dive center in Bali to offer the opportunity to its interns to dive around Bali using its 3 centers. This allows students to get different experiences along with planning terms and diving structures so that you learn as much as possible during your course. You will also study working techniques and learn from many instructors.

How do we organise the course around our 3 centers?

  1. You choose one of our centers as the main hub for your training. You will study and do all the theory and the practical exercises of the course with one main instructor who will be responsible for your training.
  2. You  can spend 2 x 7 days of training, diving, guiding, assisting dive courses on each of our 2 other centers.

For example : You choose Tulamben to do your theory, and validate the exercises of the divemaster. Then at the end of the training, you will be able to spend a week in Pemuteran and a week in Nusa Lembongan to acquire more experience.

Go Pro Bali Dive Master Courses Packages

*The prices do not include the Dive Master manuals valued at approximately 230 USD. At the end of  the training you will also need to settle the membership fees to the federation of your choice, approximately 100USD per year.

Learn as much as you can in each of our centers !


USAT Liberty and Boga wrecks, walls and gardens of coral on black sandy bottoms. Learn to dive from the shore in safety depending on the conditions. Schools of trevally and giant parrot fish await. There are also many macro dive sites with a lot of diversity.

Nusa Lembongan

Manta Rays and Mola Mola await you! Here are drift dives to die for ! You will learn to manage tides, boats and daily conditions to plan your Lembongan diving in maximum safety. Island life here is quite lively, so you will not be bored.


Discover the magnificent marine park of Menjangan, Coral Gardens, giant sea fans, and schools of many different species of fish. Many macro dives, seahorses, mandarine fish and frog fish. Learn to dive from the boat and how to manage the logistics of running a dive center.

The Dive Master Course

Pass your first professional level in Bali, and enjoy our 3 centers to acquire the most possible experience. Develop your leader capabilities whilst supervising the diving activities and assisting the diving instructors during their courses.

You will learn to guide certified divers, dive planning depending on daily conditions, deepen your knowledge in physiology, physics, decompression theory, equipment and environment. Underwater you will deepen your diving level, learn how to demonstrate skills to students and learn how take charge of certain programmes like the refresher course for divers that have not dived in more than 6 months.

You will also have swimming exercises and at sea rescue to test what you have previously learnt, along with a minimum of physical conditioning. You will also have to put together an emergency  diving plan for the dive center and have to map one our dive sites.

To start the course you have to be 18 and already be a rescue diver or equivalent level with EFR (Emergency First Response) up to date (at least 24 months). 40 validated dives are required to start the course along with a medical certificate proving you are healthy enough to dive daily. We can certify you when you reach a minimum of 60 dives.

For more information on the details of the Dive Master course, click here.

The Dive master speciality package :

You are going to become a dive professional. To get more out of your training and expand your knowledge, we strongly advise that you take this speciality package for Dive masters :

NITROX speciality : dive on up to 40% enriched air

Deep speciality : dive down to 40m instead of 30m max

Wreck speciality : Make the most out of the beauty of the Bali wrecks : Liberty and Boga wrecks.

Special Offer: Nitrox speciality – Deep speciality 

and Wreck speciality 4,500,000 Rp ~ 289€* 

Accomodation and food during the course

We will help you to find good value accomodation, as dormitory or individual bedroom with or without hot water and air conditioning depending on the level of comfort you want, and what your budget allows you, all of course close to our dive centers or in our partner hotels. Here at Dive Concepts, you can get the best Lembongan diving services. As a Dive master trainee, you have the right to a 15% discount in all the Dive Concepts restaurants of Tulamben and Pemuteran. Get in touch for more details !